My name is Jean-Paul Colemonts,
a freelance graphic designer located in Brussels.

I am absolutely passionate about graphic design, 3d, illustrations
and video editing.


I use these programs to do my job.



WordPress website


Building unique websites with WordPress and Elementor Pro that are user experience and search engine optimized. Combining several content types, including as forms, videos, photos, and text. Maintenance and frequent upgrades for your website together with technical assistance.

graphic design

Graphic Designer

Proficiency in creating logos, posters, flyers, brochures, and other types of communication materials. Vector, photo and image editing, document layout, and template development. With years of experience in the design industry, I can provide you with reliable and high-quality service.

blender 3d

3D Animator and Modeler

With fascinating 3D animations, I'm here to elevate your marketing and communication to new heights. Whether you require interesting social media material, educational movies, or product demos. Using Blender software to get the finest 3D effects.

project management


Solutions for graphic design can revitalize your company, captivate your audience, and increase revenue. The key to communicating is visual. Allow me to assist you in achieving your company objectives, connecting with your clients, and telling your story. I am able to design effective strategic visualizations. Let's discuss how using graphic design can revolutionize your company.

alteris playmobil

Do you need a
graphic designer?

Ever wondered if professional graphic design could elevate your projects?

The answer may lie in understanding the impact visuals have on your audience and your bottom line.