Bus Stop Billboard BoConcept

Bus Stop Billboard BoConcept

BoConcept was born in Denmark in 1952, and is today a premium retail lifestyle brand, with close to three hundred stores in over sixty countries.

Hotel Jam Brochure

Jam Hotel

Hotel Jam Brochure We found a former art school — in an end of the century building — dusted it off, gave it some love and made it into a hotel. All of our rooms have kept the industrial vibes of the original building. We have intricate concrete roofs and exposed brick walls. We then […]

Rio editorial magazine and illustrations

rio brochure design

Rio de Janeiro editorial and animated vector illustration

The illustration was created using one line drawing vector technique to be used in a brochure and afterwords as an animated motion design video clip.

Red Bull Cola

redbull cola can jpcolemonts

Red Bull Cola I was challenged to give a new life to an existing product. The main goal was to show a new approach about Red Bull Cola for young public. I was allowed to change the can size and colors. This is a fictive project. BreefingCola ProductOrganicTeeneager public looking for a quality cola product […]